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Benefits Stake Pool
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The Benefits Stake Pool is dedicated to providing all individuals and communities with access to information about blockchain technology, crypto currency, and other relevant news and information available through our outreach initiatives. Our goal is to educate and empower individuals, groups within their communities to realize the full benefits of a healthy mind, body and spirit coupled with custom functional fitness training will improve the quality of life we all cherish. Last but not least, CBCP provides opportunity to earn passive income and bring awareness to the masses to establish adoption and highlight the potential of Decentralized Finance and Staking (collectively known as “DeFi”).

1% of the Proceeds from this pool will go towards funding community focused initiatives as well as extended initiatives we collaborate/participate in. At CBCP, if communities can earn passive income while contributing to grass roots outreach initiatives we feel that BENEFITS everyone for a stronger community/society.

Please visit our Outreach programs page for more information

DeFi passive income
  •  Earn income 24/7
  •  Financial flexibility
  •  Client’s control their investment
  •  6 payments monthly
  •  Investment transparency
  •  Contribute to charitable and social initiatives
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